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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  February 13, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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san francisco, the decision on filing charges and a family demand for justice >> how much longer will this warm weather trend last? >> and it's the holy grail of today's technology. now, there is a touch-screen keyboard that you can actually touch. >> president obama in stanford today, signing a cyber tech ti order and extends a olive branch to his silicon valley critics.
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>> the president called cyber space the new wild west where everybody wants the government to play sheriff. we'll have more on that in just a moment z we begin with a visit to a conference featuring a who's who of silicon valley movers and shakers. >> it's been an all day event. he signed a executive order to make it easier to exchange threat information and then sat down with ceos for a private round table the president came to stanford to initiate a partnership to work together on fighting crime, joking how he's been lax in
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choosing guest pass words. >> it's just too easy to figure out user names and pass words like pass word. or 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7. those are some of my previous pass words. >> the after rentaling cost of a breech is estimated to be close to $6 million. attacks have hit sony and anthem, and retailers i think that people should buy into this. >> congressman eric swalwell sits on the house intelligence committee. >> there are very bad people that want to do thing that's will hurt us financially and personal security.
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>> saying an inlt national approach may be needed similar to the dawn of the nuclear era. it took decades to figure out rules of the road with the soviets. and to manage this technology. >> no single company or organization can accomplish this on its own. >> as mentioned several tech executives were absent if the summit. mark zuckerberg marisa mayer and here is why. they reportedly turned down invitations because of tension with the obama administration over privacy issues. the president did get a chance to meet with some stanford students today in a private discussion.
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reporters ushered out after this photo op. the white house won't say what they talked about but president couldn't resist making nerd jokes. >> i've got to admit i kind of want to go here. it's really nice. everybody here is so friendly and smart. what is there not to like. told me if i came to stanford you'd talk nerdy to me. >> the president noted three top members of his team all bleed cardinal red. >> well after a day spent discussing cyber security president obama made his way back to san francisco. his helicopter landed at chrissy field just a couple hours ago.
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tiffany? >> the president left about a half hour ago. crowds cleared out and traffic now back to normal. about 60 people attended and the president spoke eight minutes. in terms of the motorcades this is standard. but for locals preparation was anything but ordinary. >> all day long it's been a progression so it's cool. >> long before noon signs of the visit popped up. indicatorers carrying silver platters smiled but won't spill the menu. washington, d.c. visitor says it
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is all part of a political process. >> it's a necessary evil. you know? impacts local people but have you to do it. >> with you but this family hoping to visit a church on hooid street wasn't as understanding. >> it's closed because we found out that president obama is going in town for a party. >> the gormans from portland were also inconvenienced they're every day people paying the price of the visit. a ticket to the fund-raiser seen here from sky 7 hd cost between $10,000 and $32,400 >> that is obscene and absurd. >> average voice of american is not being heard. >> she says it's only going to get worse heading into 2016. >> now we have a democracy of
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the few. and billionaires are setting the agenda for the country. >> speaking of money, the president left about 80 minutes after arriving, that means he raised $405 per minute for people who paid $32,000 to see him. >> thank you. norad had to scramble two fighter jets after a plane flew into restrictedv w have fired
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was wire out of a taser. it's incredible to believe. >> this woman says they have a key witness who disputes the da's findings >> they failed to interview the eye witness that claims that alex nieto never held a taser never made a move to raise a taser. >> gascone says investigators told family lawyers they wanted to talk to witnesses they may have but they never offered anyone. >> the family of a man shot by oakland police this morning is questioning whether officers had to use guns. someone flagged down police to say a man was waving a knife around near the coliseum. a cousin of a 28-year-old urged police to days her son instead of shooting him. >> then seen my cousin with a
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knife in his hand. and i guess he wasn't putting the knife down. they shot him in his upper body. >> the 28-year-old is in critical, but stable condition. one officer was in field training but it's not clear if he is the one that fired both are routine leave. >> the bay area continues to fall under the spell of a mid february warm wave. this is video from downtown oakland. temperatures got up to 76 degrees here is a live picture looking west. you can't ask for better weather. let's turn now to live doppler 7 hd and spencer christian. >> well it was a much warmer than average day and record warmth for this time of the year. high temperatures in the immediate san francisco bay area san jose a high of 77 and
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82 degrees in santa cruz, still warm. just to give you an idea. we'll use san jose in our high temperature trend and average high about 62 degrees, highs into mid to upper 70s, tapering off to low 70s into late next week. i'll have the forecast for you in just a few minutes. >> here are some of the big waves that came crashing astore. just because it's warm outside doesn't mean it's safe to swim this weekend. a warning ex-fires in under an hour. >> welling news on a firing of a
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49er coach jim harbaugh. >> yes. it turns out it wasn't a few twal decision they'll talk about it next. >> something went wrong on the golden gate bridge. what happened to the new median barrier that caused this congestion. >> and a couple involved with this incident the i team sets the record straight. >> and
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former 49ers head coach jim harbaugh is making it clear his departure wasn't mutual. he was fired he told the san jose mercury
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news the niners informed him in december he was being let go. >> i was told i won't be coach anymore. you can call it mutual. i didn't leave 49ers i felt like the hire arkie left me. >> he says he opted not to leave at that point saying he wanted to coach last two games to finish what he started. niners owner says it was mutual. if you'd like to hear the interview we have a link on our web site. >> it's been more than a year since we heard a headline man tries to throw wife off san mateo bridge.
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>> they tell me this has been the worst year of their lives xavier spent six months in jail after that incident. they tell me they want to set the record straight, now. >> my heart rate just got higher. . >> i realized oh my god i'm scaring her. >> te tell me he did not try to throw her off the bridge animaled the case file with police interviews tells the real story of what happened that day. join me for a special investigation tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. >> that is really interesting. >> eating alone at school was discouraged in one school. today was national no one eats alone day to combat social
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isolation that can lead to bullying. students were making an effort to strike up a conversation with anyone they didn't know. >> what do you think it should be? >> sometimes, kids eat by themselves today, students made it a point to sit down with anyone alone. >> i can go up to people and talk to them see how they are. maybe you can meet a friend. >> almost everyone knows how it feels to eat alone. >> it's not good. you just wish someone would sit with you but you don't likely that anyone will. it's not a good feeling. >> the national no one eats alone day started three years ago. >> excludeing someone is a type of bullying.
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this almost always has an affect on kids outside of the classroom. laura created this initiative. >> when we can find kids that need better connections we can prevent bullying from taking place. >> if this is just one day, you can be friends over time. >> students will continue working year round to chaefrng the culture here. >> it's a beautiful day. here is proof. here is the view from the roof top studio. spencer christian is here with the weather. >> here is live doppler seven hd.
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clear skies, mild patterns for a while. looking at temperatures at this hour of 68 degrees in san francisco. and upper 60s around the bay area. a nice mild day. there has been a concern for large breakers. western sky we'll see warm conditions, record highs are possible. and we'll have cooling next week. the satellite shows that big ridge in our weather picture several days. it will bring us a warm weekend. there has been active weather
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into the pacific. let's take a look ahead about ten days to see what might change our weather pattern. no rain reaching the bay area. weather looking lovely. record warmth with a high around 63 degrees, sunday monday, highs into upper 50s south bay, sunny skies mid to upper 70s. low 70s on the coast. and downtown san francisco a high of 72 tomorrow.
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and 76 in napa. east bay, 75 oakland. 76 castro valley and inland east bay. 76 walnut creek. and 77 in livermore, similar range of highs sunday and monday. tomorrow, valentine's day. and remains mild but temperatures dropping off just a few degrees so instead of 76 we'll look at 70 71. >> yes. >> have wedding plans? a tuxedo change that suddenly closed
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works? works. works! works? works. works. a bay area business will close on monday. the manager says he's working to get a tux for everyone on the books and would like to continue under a new name. >> a golden gate bridge spokesperson says the new barrier is safe after a pin slipped free today.
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a 14 inch long pin came loose. >> this is separated slightly because the pin worked up out of the section. so there wasn't a way to have come and had a problem with it. >> took about a half hour to replace the pin the crew will be out to check the tense. >> california gas prices will drop this summer, guaranteed. so you don't pay anymore than you would have when there was a sales tax of eight and a quarter percent the percentage tax would be less than per gallon tax so starting
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july 1st excise tax will drop from $0.36 to 28 and a half. >> still to come tonight students claim administration being too hard on teachers >> and the governor of oregon turns in his regular slayings. the announcement that never happened >> and california lawmaker who is feeling heat o
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some students in san francisco risked being sent to detention today over a proposed moral clause for teachers that requires them to honor teachings of the church, on and off the job. >> a group of 20 students gathered outside of their catholic school. they're protesting language in the proposed contract that includes rules living both public and professional live,
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including church teachings on same-sex marriage and birth control, which the archbishop called evil. >> teachers should be able to express themselves however they want. >> the archbishop is making such a huge deal about pornography. people are starving. >> students say they believe in teaching acceptance. this zuner is gathering signatures for those who think the same. >> it's pet wrigs for teaching acceptance we're trying to get as many signatures as we can. >> one student says he's worried teachers would be fired if personal lives clash with the demands. other feel his views are not consistent with kids have been taught. >> god gave us free will to live how we want to. the archbishop is not giving teachers ability to do that.
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>> the archdiocese says teachers have been signing the contracts for years but he says that dispute the guidelines a teacher would not be fired for simply being gay. >> riordan high is teaching with a scandal. a suggested video involving a student. l arch diocese says it investigated and cleared him of wrong doing. and the board of directors voted this week to support him. some parents are calling for his removal. >> oregon's governor blamed the media for his departure, in his fourth term and state attorney
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general is. >> a person can be charged, tried convicted and sentenced by the media with no due process. >> he vows to help investigators clear his name. kate brown will be the first openly bisexual governor in u.s. history. >> now to fresno. a 10-year-old girl shot her 8-year-old sister. her father's police gun. police say he left the handgun on the bed the 10-year-old picked it up and hit the younger girl in the stomach. she's expected to make a full recovery the district attorney looking into whether the father should be charged. >> fbi is investigating murders of three muslim college students in north carolina. police say craig steven hicks shot and killed a unc dental student, his new wife and their
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19-year-old sister. the family says all throw were shot in the head execution style. police say it may have stemmed from an ongoing parking dispute. >> just recommit we're examining every possible angle to include potential for hate crimes. >> hicks reportedly had a arsenal of weapons in his home. >> a california lawmaker apologized for tweets but it is not fading away. many are still unhappy over what she said. >> this republican assembly member shared her disgust on twitter after learning of a killing by isis of american aid worker kayla mueller.
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the tweet has come under sharp criticism. most focusing on the hash tag. >> she tweeted, hash tag stand up against islam. that was the day three young muslim students were killed at unc chapel hill. >> the family of the students in north carolina blame is slamlam phobia. >> having a public official take that stance, someone elected to represent us is an act of ignorance >> the response on twitter was swift and strong. standing up against 1.5 billion people is absurd with no logical basis. >> to cap all of islam is just incorrect. >> perhaps it was a mistake. perhaps she meant to write against radical islam or stand up against isis.
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but when contacting her office we were given this written statement. it was never my intention to offend peaceful muslims, she wrote. this isn't about hash tags but america standing up with our allies and putting and end to barbaric behavior around the world. >> i read the statement, i don't see an apology. >> there is no apology. the hash tag remains. >> another solid day on wall streets. the nasdaq rose 36 points. apple said the governor will accept apple pay payments with your iphone. this fall you can use it for admission to national parks and some day with your social security benefits. not a good day for american express.
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saying it would discontinue its deal with costco. later a deal for a co-branded credit card with jet blue also fell through. 47 million passengers traveled through san francisco international airport last year, that is a new record. officials estimate they helped generate $1.3 billion in business activity. >> what some people are calling the holy grail. >> it's a keyboard tha
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>> it's a nuisance of notedern technology. people say typing on glass isn't the same as using an old fashioned keyboard. >> it isn't. a team giving a look at the first product and a possible solution. >> what if there was an intelligent material simple as paper but could transform and change shape in response to touch? they oversold it but ohs and ahs because a touch screen that changes shape has been called a holy grail of modern computing. now a start up is announcing they've done it. out of a flat screen round ridges rise up with the flick of
7:41 pm
a switch. the company is called >> when you slide around the back it presses and fluid is routed. >> the first is a case for the ipad mini. makers say it helps you develop mustsem memory. >> satisfaction changes >> this is only the beginning. before long you'll be able to buy with technology built in. >> we're replacing glass with one of the tactus layers. >> screen changes shape whenever you bring up the keyboard. like ipad, has just one set of keys but future surfaces could
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many people across the bay area are gearing up for a sweet valentine's day weekend. how are they getting ready where you live? >> near the corner of 4th and santa clara. this man is shopping for valentine's day. >> i rewrote a song and plan on singing it to her. >> employees have been slammed. customers getting creative. >> this is more eye catching. >> these days more people are turning to modern designs. >> peonies.
7:46 pm
a beautiful vintage arrangement. >> need to book a reservation? you might be in luck we checked open table saturday. nearly 40% of the tables in the bay area are still available. however, bourbon steak and pub booked up nearly two weeks ago. >> there is a six-course tasting menu. >> still not sure what to do? maybe try something that comes from your heart. >> let's update the weather forecast.
7:47 pm
>> there is another blizzard warning in effect for much of coastal new england beginning at noon and continuing until 7:00 a.m monday. into sunday morning look for 12-18 inches of snow in manchester area. and in california sunny skies with highs in los angeles and palm springs. that includes bay area. tomorrow high temperatures ranging from low 70s to mid, and upper 70s inland here is the accu-weather forecast. there won't be much change temperatures gradually tapering off but remain above average for
7:48 pm
this time of the year. >> nothing. not a drop. >> thank you very much. >> yes. >> very different. >> yes. he's at the airport. >> perfect conditions in pebble beach. every direction possible
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steph curry needed a clone today. we want owe give you order of the places you visited and events attended. robin roberts asking him about what else? >> you're the fastest in nba history to get to a thousand 3 pointers came up a little bit short. did you see video? >> yes. >> so are you going to redeem yourself? >> said it'ses a crayy field this year. but hopefully, i'll get it done. >> from gma to signing of the foot locker everyone wanting a
7:52 pm
piece of steph. now, he does these locally all the time. in video he received the ultimate compliment from the commissioner. >> ability to connect with people, you can see kids today i was looking at the kids. you can see sparkle in their eye. there is something about him. he is both a super star and a regular guy. so approachable. >> that is why we love him. a game little league world star met steph on wednesday. maybe he taught her this move. monet can play. nba fashion show airs tomorrow night. >> like i'm doing a show this weekend. i never thought i'd do a cat
7:53 pm
walk. it's the stuff you have to do to help grow. it will be exciting. >> larry beil has arrived in new york city and will cover for the next few days. >> after winning at pebble beach, a number four the world currently a spot behind tiger woods. if the first two rounds are indication he's regaining form, another ugly day on monterey peninsula. condoleezza rice is pretty good. and this is a really hard par
7:54 pm
three. bill murray found a spot and didn't move. look at john's pants. something. >> he's under 72 today spy glass always the hardest force. six under 66. also spy glass sned dialled in. hit 18 greens today. man, way to his 567. and jason day, tied for 14th. and sharks playing in phoenix now, trailing 2-0. they're ranked eight days from now. crews working to get things perfect today.
7:55 pm
tomorrow, they'll begin creating ice. how cool is that? >> this abc7 sports report brought to you by bank of the west. >> yes. >> this is like 82 to 84 degrees in l.a. >> all right. thank you. >> well join us at 9:00, tonight a submarine built to explore oceans on other planets then on abc7 news at 11:00 a couple shares their story about what happened on the bridge more than a year ago the husband served time after prosecutors say he tried to throw his wife off the bridge. >> today's programming starts with a special, then it's shark tank. >> remember all abc programming is available on your smart
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phone, tablet or computer. >> president obama using his visit to the bay area to call attention to the growing threat of country and corporations face collectively. and individually. cyber space is a dangerous street corner where those with bad intentions hang out to pray on the unprepared and unsuspecting. cyber crime costs companies and consumers $100 billion a year. how much privacy is our security worth? where will the lines be drawn? keeping our right to privacy away from prying government
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eyes. our laws will struggle to keep up with cyber crooks. but what matters is that we strike a balance. one without another is an american disaster on many levels. let me know what you think. call me on twitter and facebook. >> and that will do it for this edition of abc7 news. coverage of breaking news continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley from all of us here, we appreciate your time. see you at 9:00 and 11:00. female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight but sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday. find the tempur-pedic that's right for you and see why they're the most highly recommended bed in america. plus, get three years interest-free financing. sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100 day money back guarantee. and of course, free same-day delivery. are you next?
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